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Katie McGowan

Winter Original Painting

Winter Original Painting

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 Size: 18 x 24 inches

Medium: Oil on canvas

Titled "Winter," this painting reflects the ever-changing nature of women, mirroring the transitions found in nature. Inspired by the shifting hues of the environment from day to night and season to season, I sought to capture the essence of winter in this piece.

Created in December 2022, I aimed to infuse the frosty, cool tones of the outdoors into the painting. The skin is tinged with a delicate lilac hue, reminiscent of the icy chill of winter air. Her lips, painted in a rich plum shade, echo the depth and tranquility of the season.

Despite the cold, there is warmth and brightness represented by the holly berry red earrings adorning her ears. These festive accents serve as a reminder of the resilience and vibrancy that persist even in the depths of winter. Through this portrayal, I celebrate the adaptability and strength of women, who, like the seasons, navigate life's changes with grace and beauty.

Please note, this piece is currently unframed but I am happy to arrange bespoke framing (to be discussed post purchase) and include this framing in the total cost. So when your piece arrives it is ready to hang!

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