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A little about my story…

I started painting again 5 years after graduating from university and moving to London. I quickly realised I was missing that spark of creativity in my life so I signed up to a 6 week beginners art course and went along to a tiny Church in Islington every Sunday afternoon to start painting again and the rest is history!

Since then I’ve come a long way with my art…

I’ve found my own unique artistic style in oil painting 🎨

Sold £1000s worth of originals and prints to buyers all over the globe 🌍

Been featured in magazines - hello Tatler! 👋

Had my artwork feature as the Best of PhotoVogue (dreamy 😇)

Featured in an exhibition at the gorgeous Sophie Tea’s Gallery in Carnaby, London ⭐

Taught for nearly 3 years at Masterpeace Creative Studios in Belgravia, a true creative haven! 💖

Grown my social media presence and been on the Pinterest & TikTok Creator programs 💅

I could never have dreamed of these when I first started and there have definitely been lots of ups and downs along the way!

But it’s now my mission to help artists like you develop your own unique style and grow a community who resonate with their art (there’s enough room for everyone in the art world!). It’s taken me 5 years of teaching myself this to learn, but I’ve boiled it all down into this course to help fast track your creative success!

My favourite ever review from one of my art classes was from a lovely gentlemen who wrote “A wonderful 90 minute lesson in empowerment with Katie” and I hope that this course will empower you in the same way

  • Section 1: Nailing the Basics

    Dive into the fundamentals of how to get started with painting with a comprehensive exploration of essential techniques.

    From the necessary art supplies for oil painting and pre-painting preparations, including a beginner’s guide to sketching.

    This chapter lays the foundation for your artistic journey.

  • Section 2: Creative Alchemy

    Learn the secrets behind compelling storytelling, accompanied by an exclusive tutorial on Wavism, Katie’s distinctive artistic style. Delve into the principles of color as we unravel the secrets of effective color mixing and achieving harmony in your artwork. Whether you prefer bold palettes or subtle shades, this chapter will equip you to infuse emotion and atmosphere into your creative endeavors.

  • Section 3: Unveiling your style

    Discover your unique artistic voice by understanding your personal creative influences as well and uncovering inspiration in the every day. This chapter encourages you to draw from everyday experiences, emotions, and the world around you to fuel your artistic creativity

Plus bonus section! Sharing Your Art with the World

Navigate the exciting (yet confusing!) realm of sharing your art with the world. From social media strategies to local exhibitions, learn some tips for how to showcase your work and connect with a broader audience.