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Katie McGowan

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields

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This piece is inspired by a hiking trip I went on to Kyrgyzstan a few years ago (rogue I know, but would definitely recommend to any outdoorsy people!). It was Day 2/5 and we came across a never ending field of poppies - honestly it went on for MILES. And it truly just felt like a dream, one of those magical moments that makes you grateful to travel. 

So when I happened upon a cluster of poppies in my local park, I was reminded of that moment and had to capture the same energy and magic as those poppies in the mountains. 

I hope this painting is a reminder of all those beautiful things that are just around the corner, that you don't even realise are coming.. 


This piece is unframed, framing can be arranged at no extra cost if you would like - please drop me a message and I can sort this out for you

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