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To many, Art and Physics are polar opposites. But having spent time studying them both, I have discovered a personal connection between them, in the form of a technique that I have nicknamed ‘Wavism’.

In Physics, waves transfer energy. This energy can never be destroyed - only transformed into another form. These energy transfers are too small and insignificant to make an impact on an individual level, but when viewed as a whole, the result can be monumental.

My Art works in harmony with this scientific concept, with my compositions constructed solely from ‘wavy’ lines of paint or ink. Each wave forming a tiny proportion of the overall canvas. When viewed from afar - you recognise the full composition. However, for me it’s much more exciting to look closely at the texture and follow the waves of colour linking and unlinking, dancing around the canvas. Mimicking the thousands of quantum level interactions happening within the paint.

For me this is a really exciting way to view Art. The wavy lines of paint reinforcing the concept that my Art is something that is vibrant and alive, never ceasing to change and rearrange at an atomic level, even long after the painting has been framed and hung.

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