• katiemcgowan

New Wave Impressionism

When I first started painting using acrylics I couldn’t decide what I wanted to paint. So I started off by slowly working through my collection of houseplants...

But I soon felt drawn towards portraits, and I couldn’t put my finger on why for a long time. I thought maybe I was looking for a challenge - that I was trying to improve my drawing skills. But over time I realised that wasn’t the case (even though it did definitely improve my drawing), as I was only ever interested in female portraits.

Sometimes I think things only make sense when you look back on the whole process. And for me, I now realise that I wanted to paint women in a powerful way. I wanted to create work that resonates with women in something beyond just a physical depiction.

The women in my portraits are bold yet soft. And when I look at my subject, I see another version of myself.

My Art has been compared to Impressionism, which is a huge compliment to me as I’ve always been inspired by the movement. The colours, the texture and the use of light are all elements I want to bring to my work.

But I think of my Art as a ‘new wave’ of Impressionism. Incorporating all of the stylistic painting elements, but using the softness of the waves of paint in my technique to work in harmony with an exploration of the feminine. Women are stepping back into their power, and my Art is just a way of documenting that journey.

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