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My Art Journey

I’ve always loved Art and would draw incessantly as a child. I had an Art scholarship at school, but never considered pursuing Art as a career and decided to study Physics instead.

After graduating from the University of Bath in 2017, I found a corporate job in London but by January 2018 began to have a nagging feeling that I needed to start painting again.

I signed up to a local acrylic painting course, and soon became hooked. I began investing more energy into my Art, experimenting with acrylic portraits and honing my drawing skills at Life Drawing classes after work.

However, my signature style only began when I made an impulse purchase to buy a marker pen set at my local art shop. Usually one to ruminate over a purchase, I felt drawn to these pens and had to buy them right there.

These pens then opened up a whole new direction for my Art, in a style I have since nicknamed ‘Waveism’. The pens chiseled nib enabled me to create quick studies that had life and movement, all through small ‘waves’ of colour.

Since then, my style has evolved and in each next level and medium of my Art, I am constantly pushing myself to explore the concept that all forms are constructed from ‘wavy’ lines. When the first brush strokes are laid on a canvas, the form is meaningless and abstract. But as I continue to paint an image starts to form from the tangle of shapes. I take a measured, mathematical approach when painting. Carefully mixing the exact tone and laying a line that mimics the contours of the image I am creating. Obsessed not only with the shape of the line, but the impasto form of the paint, I often have my nose almost resting on the canvas.

Ever unsure what's coming next in my Art, but always excited to learn, I’m glad I followed my gut and bought those pens.

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