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For those of you few of you that know me personally, you’ll know that Art is not my full time job (or academic background). 9-5 I’m actually a Data Analyst.

For lots, this will seem like poles apart. But I think that people always want to compartmentalize things. If you’re creative you can’t be good with numbers. But people are multi-faceted, and for me analytics/maths/physics are all very much linked to a creative thought process. (I studied Physics at uni).

Maths is highly intuitive. In order to solve a problem you use the knowledge you have as well as outside-the-box thinking.

Creativity is seen to be about exploration, imagination and innovation. The reason why many people don’t see any creativity in science is because at school it is taught as a boring subject with a set of rigid rules to must follow. When people think of creativity they think of creating something without having rules to guide them.

But the more I study Art the more creative ‘rules’ I find. In Art there are composition, colour and technique rules, just like how in maths there are algebra, operations and formulae rules. Once you've truly learnt the language of a subject, any subject can be creative.

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